I Don't Know What To Do

Hello, I feel a little shy telling my storie I am a mother of 4 they mean the world to me, I have a husband who is very controling when he gets drunk he gets very verbally abuse if. It gets really scary sometimes and the only think that calms me down is my wonderful kids... Today we were at a gathering and he got drunk and when it was time to go home like around 1:30am he ask that he he wanted to go to taco bell I said no because it was too late and the kids were sleepy, he got so mad that he tried to break the window from the car... I got so scare.... I need help I don't want to leave a life like this... The sad part is that it's not the first time his done it infront of the kids.... Please help
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

The alcohol releases his suppressed anger/rage. I hope (pray) he is open to getting help.

go to this website. www.ndvh.org. It's the national domestic violence hotline, on there you can talk to a counselor and they can help you.