I And My Boy Friend Are Very Different.

I've been dating with my boy friend since last December and in a relationship for 3 months now.
We did have a break for a week cause we got into a stupid fight but we tried to fix it and decided to get back together.

I do like my boy friend but sometimes i just can't understand how he thinks.
Now he is having his friends over who are two girls. They're staying in his place for 5 days.
I've said him i don't really feel comfortable about it but he said they are just friends from college and it's nothing.
They're all grown ups i meant am i really too sensitive about it?
He let them sleep his bed and he sleeps on the couch in the same room.
I just don't like it i don't.

Like today, he texted me earlier whether i want to have brunch with them or not. But i had to work til 6 today.
So i texted him back i can do something with them after work.
After work, i couldn't hear from him at all.
about two hours later, he called me and said he went to downtown with them, had a couple drinks and wanted to see if i can hang out with them.

To be honest, i've been already mad at him ever since he told me that his friends will come over and stay at his place.
I've talked about it with him, but he acted like i'm immature.
I even asked him what if i have male friends over to my place and let them sleep in my bed.. He didn't answer it.

I want to be a grown up woman but not sure how i can handle this kind of situation..
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1 Response May 20, 2012

hi.. i just want to say... do u trust your boyfriend??/ its you to decide... i in long distance since last one year.. (i can understand what you going through...) and i haven't seen my gf since months.. she is always busy with friends and family ..(as she says to me).. she disappeared for hours.. n again come for few minutes and then she disappeared... and she gives me a reason that she don't and can't be on phone all the time... so as a guy.. i agree and trust what she says.. its you to decide... all in ur hand to decide.!! (and can tell u more.. might be u can relate.. and that can help u)...