What Should I Do?

I am currently living with my boyfriend of three years. He is 10 years older, an ex convict and ex drug addict with 2 children. He had turned his life around after he got out of prison, he became a hard worker (he works two jobs), a responsible father, he basically got everything in order and his priorities in check. Unfortunately, a few months ago he got in contact with some of his old friends and things started to change. The problem was that his old friends weren't ex convict and ex drug addicts who got their life on track, they were still stealing and running the streets and smoking meth, weed, and other things. Then he started disappearing for 2 days and would come back expecting everything to be ok. He started getting a temper with me when I would question his whereabouts and advicing him that he needs to stay away from them since they were just causing trouble and were very likely to get him in trouble (even if he wasn't doing anything). He also started dipping into his savings, apparently his friends had been asking to borrow money but would never pay him back, at this point it has to be close to $3,000 that he has given them. And after maybe a month of getting in contact with them I started findings meth pipes in his car, he insisted that they were not his. About one month ago, I found meth on him and he finally admitted that he started smoking meth again. I told him he needed to stop hanging out with his friends, get clean and get back on track otherwise I would definitely not stick around to watch him ruin his life and that he needed to choose between his new life or the life that had sent him to prison. He did stop hanging out with  them for the most part but didnt cut them out completely and they kept calling him and even asking to post a $20,000 bail. But recently he started dispappearing again and he said he hasnt stopped smoking meth and got in contact with them when he needed more, or when we would have an argument he would leave and go hang out with them. I decided to move out but I am feeling guilty, I think I stayed as long as I did because I have developed a good relationship with his family and daughters and don't want to lose them. I don't want them to think that I abandoned him when he need help, if he had expressed that he truly wanted help and was willing to put the work in I would do my best to help him, but he hasn't. The situation has become very toxic as we're always fighting because he of the decisions he is making and I always call him out on all the lies he tells me. Am I abondoning him? Should I try and help him further? Or is it time to move on and cut him out?
anonymouslady1 anonymouslady1
May 22, 2012