I'm depressed and alone I just want someone to be there for me sometimes I wonder if I did harm myself how long would it take for anyone to notice feel like I'm barely alive and no one even notices. I really hate my life and I'm barely holding on I constantly think of giving up and I want it to get better but it never does
Whatno Whatno
3 Responses May 22, 2012

i am here if you need to talk<br />
i am sure they is nothing you are going to say that will hurt me or scare me awayif you need to speak freely

Thank u

and the people here on EP will definitely be here to help and be with you.<br />
including me : )

I know how that can feel sometimes :( right now im in the process of trying to figure out how to change that and better myself. I've found this AMAZING and insanely inspirational person on youtube, his username is blakebliss. He has definitely helped me feel that i am not alone. Please check him out :)