My Husband Just Left Me

My husband and I have been married for 5 years in Jan.  We recently purchased a home together, things seemed to be fine nothing out of the ordinary small arguments until just recently my husban became very distant. we have spent the past 2 months remodling our new home but when it started getting close to done he became more and more distant I just found out he had been talking with an old girlfriend from high school. we were due to move in to our new home this weekend tonight would have been the first night there, however Friday he met with this old girlfriend, I found out about this just this morning, I went to work he saw her again he told me last night he wanted to have a break he needed space. Tonight I am at the old house He didnt want me to come and I belive she is with him tonight I cant sleep I feel completly devestated. I dont even know what to do with myself I have to be moved by thursday and I have no place to go to we also have two children and he just completly up and left us tonight to move into our new home with out us.
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2 Responses May 27, 2012

Realy painful and i know when this happens...As a man i know this happens for 4-5 months and then he founds out that his home and his kids sure of this he can't be so heartless

Oh goodness.. That is rough.. I can't say anything from experience, I have not been married, nor have I had kids. But I can feel your pain and confusion from what you are saying, and I am deeply saddened for you. I really hope he can man up soon so you can discuss what to do. If he doesn't.. you'll have to figure something out for yourself. Maybe start talking to your very close family, those that will keep your information private, for potential options should he fall through.<br />
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:-( I wish I could hug you and your children.<br />