Umm Lonely Me

i dont know my thing wud really get to yu or not...but writing cud perhaps heel my invisible wound...
ey people...i'm girl in my late teens studying in a renown enginnering college....umm there are a load guys and less gals around. i go through ragging all day...n i feel so desparate at some misbehaviour..i know dis thing does happens all d tyme...smtymes seeing my close frens wid bf and all dat rally does pinch me back...they are sooo soo seured and here i'm always harrased.....some guys really fake out telling things not sooo truthfull...n i'm left behind soo lonely..perhaps from d outside world,i look stylish,funky, i got some attitude...piercing earphones right into my ears and jus giiving a hell to things...still so lonely......i jus dont knw wat ii'm to do!!!people if yu got any solutions yu r warmly welcumed...
n heyyy moreover,how do i get more easy wid guys!!!they think i have attitude and jus keep on teasinn :(((
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I would love to be your friend and if you ever need someone to talk to I am always here ti listen. just add me and see how you go. I live in Australia so just due to the time difference you might have to wait 12 hrs to get a reply but like I said I would love to help and be a true honest to god friend. Good luck with your course and take care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon


Still...i'm filtering my illness and trying to act good,still finds fault???hmm.. I guess now i have to act like yu said...but i fear i'll be much lonely

{{{BIGHUG}}} for u sweetie :):)

U just b U ...ppl don't LIKE that ...then that's THEIR loss ..K? €:-}

I think I couldnt understand what you were upset about but I hope this helps
i think this kind of feelings happen in teenage coz i am also at my teens and being easy with guys... boys are always kind of teasin girls, saying hi hello with a smile and then talkin about assignments and stuffs can make a reason to talk with them and start friendship and i think making some boy best fren will help makin those ragging less and also most are the guys are you know playboys and so be careful though so you need to choose one best coz i think everyone has got one who loves them a lot they just need to realise as based on my personal experience and friends. and also in Nepal the future depends on parents coz still there is arrange marriage and parents will surely send you to a much more good and secured boy. and also to divert the mind go read novels, as you are nature loving one then visit places parks near your home or many famous places in Lalitpur, listening to good music and try to like divert your minds from all those negative thinkings in mind which leads to deepression
and just chillax ^_^

teah yu are so right.....all guys are the same..but i don't want to hurt their feelings...some are also soo much of's like sometimes girls become more possesive to them i guess. well,haven't been in such thmyself though.....i have a lot crushes and i guess some of them felt the same way i did...still...just for parents,i could not surrender myself to (not caste) relationships.........

anyways yu know a thing in this engineering,there are so less girls..and if one girl gets so close with a boy just as a friend,they talk behind a much bad things rumours went thriugh...i really had this friend as my close friend,he wa so much helpful than my girl friends but it was like all talked so much he had a girl friend outside and he was playing with me to pass is time and bla bla...this sor of really took a whole earthuake in place like now we keep a distance,and it seems he is happy tooo....

well....thankyou so much for your took your ttime and read this :)
but,i don't want to get arranged married lol that's kindof sick :)

yah that happens when a girl talks to a boy too much they dont take it friends i mean the other people who see they make a bad rumour and then you are famous in colz, those happened to me also and kind of broke my frens with so many Female best frens, but then next year those girls asked me to be fren again then they had no prob if anyone was talking bad behind so our prob was solved, i think you guys should also think like that and not care about other, but it is kind of hard to ignore the backbitters, and arrange marriage is sick bt parents are parents :P

that was really good you are understanding though...coz,i have told my guy friends so but its like behind back the others talk a,he is just staying out of it oky....never mind i guess he doesn't want to continue being close friends :))))))))
noo....i'll stay lonely the whole lif if i have to do is arrange marriage :PPPPPP

haha funny :P then best of luck havin a perfect luv marriage :P
and malai nimantrana card dine ni ;)

la la i wud...:ppp
ttara i guess i would get the chance to come in your marriage first haha XDD

hehe :D ma ta paxi ni paxi garne ho
tei pani invitaion card dinxu ni

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at dis tyme...i'm learning what life means and where wud it take me ......its difficult wen someone tells me badly..stilll movin on coz its lyfe.. :))) and how bt yu???

I can only imagine how lonely it must be, being a female engineer among so many males. The field is still not as kind to females as it is to males, but keep strong! The fact that you're powering through it shows a resolve that many people lack. The jerk-wads that are picking on you are doing it out of ignorance, and that doesn't merit your time. Instead, what are your hobbies? There should be some clubs at your school where people share the same love of things that you do. United by that common interest, it makes it a lot easier to make friends. And through those friends, you may find yourself a great guy.<br />
<br />
If you're asking how to interact well with men, I can't make a generalized statement, but I find that being honest-- yet not mean-- and being able to talk with them about their interests is a good start. No matter how badly the people at your school treat you, make sure to remember that you are worth finding a GOOD guy... one who makes you feel okay to be you, whoever you may be inside.

dat was really so nice of yu littlecoffeeebean... all your sayings are worth to be evaluated... i'd always keep dat in mind ...though yu r are stranger to me ..... still your words heaved my spirit ...n about the guy thing .....i'd be choosy in dat :))))) n yup as yu say amidst all dis male, i need to put on d whole spirit :DDD and i'm soo soo thnakful yu put ur whole tyme reading my story and wishing me gud luck .!!!hope yu wud also hab a nyc day ahead :D
n about my hobby!!umm,its just been sealed in a closed prison !!why yu wud ask??i've dis whole coleege day for 10.30 am and get back at home at 6 pm...n so during d rest hours,either i'd be doing my assignments or surfing through out net..Nevertheless, i'm a nature lover i sit by d nature and write things like dis :D

I asked about your hobbies so you could figure out clubs that focus on those hobbies. I found a great group of friends because I love watching Japanese animation, for example. We all got together to watch these shows, and that way I had something to talk to them about. It makes getting to know people much easier when you have something in common.

You said you like writing... is there a writer's club at your school? If not, perhaps it's not a bad idea to start one! It's possible that there are others like you who love to write but can't find others to enjoy writing with. If you are shy about starting an organization, I am sure a professor in the english department would not mind helping you!

well..dat really are worth :))but we have a club for basketball,table maybe i cud move to dat...n heyy yu too an engineering stdent :))

Nah, unfortunately my college days are over. I'm studying to be a clinical psychologist ;) But I'm glad you thought of clubs to start with. Table tennis sounds fun! I hope this works out for you!

o.o clinical psychologist ...huh????do grt wid dat too :))))

Thanks! How are things going with you?

hey sorry for the late late reply &gt;&lt;.....
how have you been these days??like with yourjobless clinical stuffs:D
and um yeah .....i am doing fine i guess..i have this borin g two month of vacation...exam is over and just staying :( ehhe but still the joyous Nepali festive is coming through so on a little prepRation though :)

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