Where Is Respect?

It has been really weird few days. But I'll start from the beginning. To be honest, I like to communicate with guys more than girls. It's more simple with guys, less drama. And I'm talking only about friendship, no relationship and love stuff. But recently I often get messages like that 'Hello, how are you, you are very cute, would you like cam2cam?' Sorry guys, I'm looking for people to communicate, not to talk dirty and show something. Of course I understand that everybody is looking for different things, but still, a little respect should be used.
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hello....my name is Jose Miguel :)

exactly,sometimes you just need to talk to someone...but everyone have their own way of thinking...some of them are shallow minded and some of them are oily tongued people.

Talk to me whenever, pm me and i will talk and listen. i will try to be thoughtful. i might not respond immediatly though

the trouble with the younger generation is that they all seem to think everybody owes them something the reason the parents not themselves

For sure. Life is full of differences but we got to respect others for the most part. If someone went to stab me in the gut for no reason, eh, I don't know if I could respect them. However, not to talk dirty...I can manage!

Hi!! I too expect the people to be the same as you want. But as long as I see the people no girl is ever interested to make friendship.....So,if you are interested to have a healthy friendship and make a good friend of me then be a friend of me...Even me too desperately looking for a girl with healthy friendship....

here alot of people you will met and full of nasty things and all but nothing you can do we are in free world just ignore those so it wont affect you.

Good for you.... <br />
Yes I agree.... I didn't think this was susposed to be a dating or hook up site....<br />
I've been a member about a month now and have found a few people with my same problems and experinces, and likes,....and have been helped through a tough time for me ...<br />
Good luck and good for u don't let those horney guys scare you off....this is a good place to talk if u need to

haha im here if u need some one to talk to im here to connect with people and to find people i can relate to im not looking for sex or relationships or any kind of drama im here to make friends and to get advice from people who have been where i am now so if u want a "healthy" conversation hit me up