Heart Break Probelms.... Please Help.

So today i lost my girlfriend of a year, and i loved her so much, she meant everything to me, shes been there for me through everything, even when my mom was put in prison, and today we ended because i got controlling, but im only controlling because ive never had control in my life, EVER, everything was decided for me and i was pushed around, so i guess when i realized i could finally have control, i went over-board,a nd i couldnt stop, and it ended, and i feel awful, but i dont want to get her back, because she deserves better than that :(.. how can i get over this, how can i make this less painful? ive self-harmed in the past, and im thinking of resorting to the again, i know its wrong, but it helps cope! :( please help
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

If you know where the problems are then your worth trying to get her back. Working and talking things out can help. Work on what you need to work on before you get ready to get her back but going back to cutting is a scar that will be kept in memory of what happened. Its better to talk like you are now other then giving pain to yourself. The 1st start to getting help for both of you even if shes not there. :)

A good first step you have made,writing. And asking for help. Sleep on it.Hope you get more clarity...<br />
Time, lessens the pain<br />