I Want To Die

i am severely depressed adn i cant take it any more. For nearly the last year I have been on downward spiral. lost my job, have been alienating myslf, about to to lose my apt. In june my only daughter died and now everything is crashing
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46-50, F
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* hugs * Wow you are going through so much ! ! ! I am so sorry to hear ! ! I have also been through a lot and I have come to believe after all my experiences that everything happens for a reason . Whatever happens , never give up .<br />
<br />
Choosing to survive even when confronted with such things makes you one of the strongest people on the planet ! ! Even if you feel weakened , you are stronger than most .<br />
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Have you seen a therapist about the depression ? You probably should . If you are in the U. S. hey have something called sliding - scale therapy which is free or extremely cheap therapy depending on your income level . You can get a list of clinics that offer sliding - scale therapy by calling a major local clinic and inquiring . Please message me and vent more if you want . Please have hope , there are millions battling depression right now and it can sure be a fight . Having God in your life can make all the difference .

i guess this sounds pretty pathetic especially for someone my age. i wish i could get myself togehter. i know what is wrong but keep the pain going

here if you want someone to talk to, hugs

are u still there?

hi there, message me anytime