This Chewing Things Is Getting Out Of Control.

Chewing on things calms me down, but to be honest it's starting to get out of control and is making it hard for me to go about my day in a normal way. Chewing on pens, straws, or even the tags on new shirts is perfectly fine in my book, but I chewed on my dentist finger/glove and that's just plain awkward and I can't do stuff like that. Ughhhh what is wrong with me?
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Oh dear I hope he is alright ! ! !

You probably should find some other way of channeling your anxiety because this is probably very unhealthy for your jaw . Hmmm there are online games , video games , creating things especially like art , crafts , origami etc . Little things that keep you active , because you will probably only get the craving more if you are sitting doing nothing or watching television even .

Have you google searched for somebody who has had similar problems ? ? ? That might provide more options on how to deal with this .

She's okay. She gave me an extremely weird look, but since I didn't really chew her finger but her glove, she was pretty much okay with it.

Trust me I've looked up stuff on Google, I've made blogs, talked to friends, you name it I've done it. I've looked up toys that are safe to chew on, but the problem is getting them. My jaw is fine. I'm just worried about chipping another tooth. It seem like my problem is weirder than everybody's problem. :/