An Unsatisfying Closure

It's been a year now since my break up with my girfriend. We were together for almost two years and to this day I still feel dazed and confused as to what happened. She has recently gotten into a relationship with another guy and I know he's been around for several months, but they are officially in a relationship as of a few days ago. I wonder that if she had been dating him under the tables for a while now or if they've really just begun. I've also wondered if whether or not she still thinks of me or if I am only a distant memory. I wonder so many things because since our break-up there have been so many signs that she still does unless I am misinterpreting these signs. I hate this constant wondering and desire for answers as to what happened and why she has so easily moved on; that is if she even has. I don't know, but I wish I did.
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

* hugs * In life there are times when we MUST let go of some things and search for greener pastures .

It sounds like you are at such a time and place and I know it is painful , but holding onto what you cannot have is much more painful and does not serve you . Bless you .

Your story really touched me because I too within the last 2 1/2 years had broken up with a guy who I was with for 8 years. We had and lost a child and not to mention for about 3 1/2 of the 8 yrs we were together he cheated on me, with every time me confronting he always had a way of getting out of it or some way of condoning the action. Me being blindly in love always took the bait. Then after yrs of him playing the game. He ends it, with alot of lame excuses and answers and very soon after we ended he got himself engaged to a girl 5 yrs younger than him and knocked her up 3 months into the relationship so believe me I asked myself the very same questions... But too get to my point. You will get over her, eventually. These things take time and everyone goes at their own pace. As for the feelings you are having about her new relationship, its totally normal. Its clear you still love her but you have to accept that she probably has moved on and if you really care, you will let her without interference. If she returns, you know where her heart truly lies. In the meantime, get yourself out there and date. Meet new people, have fun. I stayed single for almost a year and just explored my options and figured out what I wanted. Now I have a amazing man in my life that was well worth waiting for. In my time of exploration I made no commitments so when I did find the guy im with now I would be ready for it instead of run or ruin it by basing it on my past relationship. Take your time, its not going to be easy and you'll have alot of "I miss her so much" moments but stay strong and stay true to yourself.