See And Dont See Hear And Dont Hear

I seem to always get myself in something. I heard something today and i told my friend what I heard I said 'they were talking about you'. That friend went back to that person and told them i told him they were talking about him and he used my name even if it was obvious i told him and the person replied "we know she was going to come tell you some ignorance tell her she need to stop listen to other people business she need to hear the full story" and he did tell me. So i apologized to him said i was sorry but is it wrong for me to heard people talking about my friend and not tell them? I have very few friends and no one to really talk to this so call friend ignores me around others but hes my only friend thats popular. Now Im worried and dont know how to face the situation when the time comes.
Miss Crivin
MissCrivin MissCrivin
Sep 22, 2012