Disappointment... Why It Makes It So Hard To Talk To People.

After my parent's divorce, I found it very difficult to go to them if something was wrong. I spent a majority of my life disappointing myself, I couldn't even think twice about disappointing them. That's what makes it so difficult to talk to them.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Hi dear one :)
I believe U need to forgive yourself and look at where U R right now, if U, yourself, Think U R making the right choices right now, try to forgive yourself and let the past go, live in the now. Try to ask your parents to talk about it, and openly say that U R at adifferent place right now.
As human Beings we learn from experience, so U R allowed to make mistakes dear! That is a part Of the proces! You learn by heart what's right and wrong...!

Guilt is a heavy and useless feeling, that People sometimes use as a force/Powertool to control. Follow your heart
If U R on the right path now, dont beat yourself up, if not try to work with yourself step by step :-)

Best Of luck dear :-) <3

Hugs from Denmark :)

Do u need to talk about it?

Sure :) It always helps to talk!