The Devil In Disguise

my dad told me on his deathbed that he had raped my little sister 40 years ago when she was 14 months old.i would have been six at that time.
he died of lung and brain was a horrible,slow painful death,and he was petrified.
now,when i think of the way he died,it makes me smile.
kharma got him good
******* horrible paedo.
daddykins123 daddykins123
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

That is horrible indeed. I am so sorry that you had to hear that and now are left with the knowledge of it. More importantly though, how is your sister doing today? Is she well and happy? I would not share this with her if she is well. Although, I might suggest you talking with a trusted counselor about it to help you deal with this shock. This kind of story is not for everyone in your life to hear. I'm glad you got it off your chest. Hang in there.

Sounds like your dad, on his deathbed, was trying to come to terms with his horrible actions. Unfortunately he picked you, and chose to do it this way, not accomplishing anything but make things more difficult for everyone he left behind. Be strong. Again, only share this with a trusted professional therapist or a counselor, maybe a pastor if you go to church. Not someone who has loose lips and it could get back to the people you care about and want to protect. I'm sorry again.

poor you not a great thing to hear, like you said karma did the deed