Can't Adjust After Leaving Abusive Home

It's so hard to talk to people because I'm always bullied because I don't know what's cool or how to dress. I lived with my abusive dad my whole life until a year ago. I'd wear the same clothes everyday and we never had the basics like toilet paper or shoes and sometimes we wouldn't even have any food in the pantry. My dad was always abusive but every time I brought up moving in with my mom he would beat me even worst. I remember him bashing my head against my bedroom mirror. Now I can't even sleep near a mirror and I have PTSD so it's so hard to relax.
Illmindedemily Illmindedemily
13-15, F
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

thats horrible, move out run away something, contact your mom and let her know whats going on! anyone that beats their child should be strung up and shot, hate me if you want but thats too much for me

i am sorry to inform you - and i do not care what you think about it but your dad is a poor excuse of a man - thats crazy

if you can move in with your mom. I highly suggest you to go ahead and do it asap Hun. you won't be able to change your dad so you should get out if you're able. I wish you the best!<br />
add me if you'd like to talk sometimes ;)