How Do I Cope With People Who Refuse To Forgive Me?

I am having a very difficult time. I feel bad for what I've done to people,I say wrong things behind them,I hurt their feelings. And I don't like that about myself,I ask them for forgiveness,but instead they keep on repeating to me those things I've done. I;m really sorry,I want to be a good person and I'd like to be forgiven because it really hurts when you're really sorry and no one believes you. I feel like attempting suicide. How do I cope,please. I believe in God and I even feel like I don't deserve his forgiveness. I'm too bad.
jojomimi1993 jojomimi1993
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Unfortunately im experencing something very similar with my mother. When my little sister was 3 (i was 7) she became very ill and almost died, my mother has told me on several occasions she wishes it had been me. She hates me and my husband and has tried to ruin my life called cps on us, tried to sue me for slander, lies to in laws and my children about me.. bla bla bla i decided i had to build a bridge and get over it....
then light that ******* bridge on fire! Never let someone define who u are be strong and move on suicide is NEVER the answer! It wont hurt the people who hurt u and wont help the people who care.