Thrown Away Like Trash..

So I recently have been dumped and I know it happens to alot of people. But this guy was a real jerk and it sucks because I gave him an honest chance. It hurts more when you know you really tried and went out of your way to be the best person you could be. And still you get dogged... played.. and used. Im glad I got out when I did but it just makes me disgusted that people are willing to hurt and use others for their own personal gratification. That someone can be so selfish as to take.... and take... and take. Then have no guilt ... about leaving them with NO closure NO ..... nothing.

I have never cheated... lead on.. teased or taken advantage of someone. I try to be honest and sincere...

Im tired of having my kindness taken for weakness, my body taken for granted .. my energy and attention wasted on sorry losers.


I wish I could say nice things but I hope karma handles him... and I hope she handles him with no care. Just like he did my emotions and heart....
PrettyPain87 PrettyPain87
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

im so sorry to hear that,some are just cold no feeling jerks,its probally better and you can move on and find a kind man that treats you like a princess and not some emotionless jerk that will probally just fight with you all the time and go out with friends