Reentering Earths Atmostphere

Sometimes in life we panic, and we watch each aspect tear out of our lives taking such emotion and pain down with it, its like you're rocketing back to earth, entering the atmosphere in a blaze, and everything is shuddering around you, and you want to scream and cry and hold still, but all you have to do is hold in. grab on to something, anything, [literally like a person activity book hobby whatever chatroom camera] and ride out the violently shaking life youre in. eventually you will enter the orbit, and life will rebalance. It always comes in waves ive learned, there are times when family, friends, work, school, hobbies and skills, substances, food, body image, self esteem, humiliation, AND love [all at once], everything is bad. but you find one thing to hide away with, to make your main thing each day, and everything will, it WILL rebalance. sometimes it takes a decade, a year, a few days, but life rebalances. Eventually you will just reach some sort of stasis and be able to walk around earth again. ive gone through hard things, and not as hard as it would be for me to go through other peoples hard things, but everyone has experiences that are just as difficult to go through as how you feel about your most difficult problems, even if their problem seems easy for YOU to handle, it might not be for them. That doesnt make them lame or weaker or anything, we are all different in so many ways you cannot say what its like to be someone else, so let go of judgement. Step in each others shoes as best as your imagination will let you, think about people you know and people you just met and the people you can imagine in your head. When you focus on something, good things come, best relationships start when you aren't looking for one, do your work but free your mind and your emotions from it, and you will smooth out your job, it will be ok.
Aaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhh
Dec 2, 2012