Blues Burst

i feel so suffocated... something is trying to burst out of my chest... feel so angry i wanna smash my keyboard... the blues music im listening to probably aint helping... really need to talk... urghhhh... sucking down cigarettes... thinking about having some comfort food... i have no idea what i should do... just stare at my screen then...
Trublood Trublood
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Are you ok? what is going on?

hey... im alright now... sorry for the late reply... i just really needed to talk to somebody... lame huh

Not lame at all. I just wish I was able to help you. I hate feeling like that an not have anyone to talk to. glad you are doing better. and it is no problem with the late response. better late than never lol :-)