What's The Point?

I just can't trust people. I use to be out going and friendly, I had lots of people I called my best friends. But slowly time after time I would speak my mind, I'd help them, I would be nothing but the most loyal person in their life and time after time they'd mock me and tell me I am a **** and stupid, and irresponsible, and anything else they could think of. I don't sleep around, I got better grades then most of them, and I am paying for not only me to live independent but I also helped them out when they needed. Now I am not perfect, I'm not even close. I'm crazy just like everyone else, but if they can have other friends and meaningful friendships then why can't I? What makes me so ****** up that no one can accept me? I'm tired of being alone but I'm tired of being rejected.
TiredofLifeAlone TiredofLifeAlone
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You don't have to go through life lke that. If they say they are friends and treat you like that they are not true friends.. You should find the friends that you know you can trust . I n my experince you only have three or four true friends the rest can't see passed their own nose . Y ou know who they are they have been there but out of contact with you for awhile .Find them and get back to that person to talk .

Have you ever thought that they might just be jealous of you? Sometimes being a model citizen can get annoying, I guess if you try to please everyone you often end up pleasing noone, especially yourself. I'm having similar problems...on the bus somebody I know could be depressed one day(I help them out) and then the next tormenting me on the bus. People are like that, mostly with teens and young adults..bullies often go for the one they know isn't stupid or lazy, and is actually a very nice person. Why do they do this? To feel better about themselves. Don't lose your qualities just to make them stop. Assert yourself! If you bring up all those times you've helped them they often feel like jacka**es after. Remember that you did help them, you are a kind person and if they lose you as a friend it's their loss. Good luck

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