Im Depressed And I Need Someone To Talk To

im 15 yrs old and im DEPRESSED! first, im always alone and lonely! i don't have friends cuz im fat and everybody when they get mad they call me ugly and fat. Second, these days my family are always yulling and always there is noise at home and that's inflect on me, sometimes i feel like i am invisible, i can't stand staying at home anymore, i'd rather pass my all day at school then come back at "home". Even sometimes i start thinking to suicide !!!
what i do most of time ? i sit alone and start crying, inside of me is full of bad feelings i wish i were 18 to go and live alone and start a new life .
one other thing, my parents doesn't allow me to go out alone, it's been 3 weeks i didn't go out ! my sister finishes her studies and she's now working ( she's 23 yrs old) but most of times i feel she hates me, she never said sweet words to me or anything she even doesn't let me go out with her !! and my mum say that i can only go out with her !
im sorry if my english is bad ! anywaay i will be veeeryyy greatfull if you gived me some advices or ur facebook because i really nee d someone to talk with at this time !
fatidarklife fatidarklife
Dec 9, 2012