Pakistan And African Romance.

I have been with a Pakistan guy for 4 Years now, he is everything i ever dreamt of in a man, physically, emotionally and all rounder i must say, we have our ups and downs but we always have a way of resolving it, i have a 2 years old daughter and he is the best dad you can ever imagine and we are expecting a baby boy in less than a week from now, I am here sitting in a cyber cafe because i read things on the internet abt pakistans actting this way and i have noticed that anytime i bring up the issues, he always reacts bad and tells me everyone isnt the same but this time i started crying also due to hormones and stuff and he got angry then i wore my jacket thou its freezing cold and left the house, i didnt give him papers and  actually its the other way around; I am african and he is pakistan; we both dont have papers and he paid for me to have one and then this year he got his paper by immigration law because where i live,u have to prove to live here
for certain years and then  prove you can get a job which he did and he was given one, but the case is that he is living to pakistan next year  feb bcos his brother is getting married and i am so scared of would say insecured because of stuff i read on the internet, i feel maybe he can go there and get married like they all do, he ran after me when i left the house to go to a cyber cafe mins ago and begged me like crazy to come back home but i refused even he knelt down in the snow and apologise, i refused and told him to give me 30 mins and i have been away for more than that now, i am confused because he is a pakistan but i believe they are all the same, i didnt give him papers but he paid for me to have one and still i am more confused because he is not gaining anything from me, instead he spends money on me and send money to my mom in africa every month; please any advice ? 
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i havnt seen my mom in 5 years and he bought ticket for me and my daughter to go to african and visiy my mom, he borrowed the money and gave me pocket money and sent me money twice in africa but am scared that when he travels maybe he wont come back, i am 26 and he is 32.

he is going for one whole month and we have never been apart from each other, and our new born is just gonna be a little over a month when he leaves next month but my point is also that his family doesnt know about me and he clearly explained to me why he is kind of hiding or not telling them but he would tell his mom on his visit, he says maybe they wont accept me but defin they will accept our kids bcos they are also his and he says he cant live in pakistan so if they accept me or not,thats their problem not his,he is going to live in europe and not in pakistan.this guy is so kind and very generous and the pakistans here didnt like me at first but a lady that is like his aunty is telling me not to worry that she would convince the family bcos i can see that she really adores me and my kids and she has lives here over 20 years and shes expose and have talked to him over and over why he chose me and he said bcos i have a good heart and a good person.