I am surrounded my family almost all the time but deep inside I feel so alone and lonely. The thing is my family is so old school that if I tell them about my past relationships and how much I'm hurting, they would never study the I'm hurting part. It'll be how it happen, you did what? Most times I just feel so alone, my real dad acts like if he never wanted a girl child. That sucks really sucks. I just wish my dad would just act like I'm his daughter. I really miss my dad if only he knows.

I never thought live can be so lonely. My heart screams for a life where I'm not lonely. TO be lonely is a sin!!!
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WOW! I must really really give you a big bear hug cos you are also my beloved sister!!!!

sorry..forgot to give you bear hug!!!!

Thanks for the hug


Dear beauty,
Every body is lonely sometimes.IT is the time for God to fill that space...I have a daughter slightly older than you if alive!But she died IU. Then I prayed for sons good sons to make the blessed girl happy with a good family...so I have 3 sons Really good sons almost your age...all virgins!But I have no daughters! Ican't understand why your dad don't love you...I will love you no matter what...does it matter? If you make some mistakes it is cos we didnt watch carefully over you.Your dad is sad cos someone take advantage of you when you are young and naive!I feel like giving the boy who make you cry a black eye!Beauty, keep whatever is left of your broken heart and body pure and honourable so that when you meet the one God has chosen..you feel no regret.Remember God don't give second best!

Yes TRUE that what I'm doing jesus is the center of my life. I try not to let my dad get to me cause I don't live with him. I really love god and god has been good to me

I am want to commit suicide

Yes Please don't. God created you for a purpose and despite what he never gives more than you can bear. Ask God to give you the strength to go on and to continue to live. God also puts us through things that we will feel sad and hurt but also we can inspire others to make better choices. God loves you.

I was so much in love with a guy,but my parents opposed my marriage .I got married according to their wish 5 months back. But he was physically and mentally abusive to me.I am coming out of the relation ship.but my parents don't want to come out.I had hope that my ex love would be with me.but he says no.

I feel for you, but what I do is just keep trusting god. He is with you. Wen I feel lonely sometimes I write or dance. Find back that love within yourself.

Is there any possibility to die soon.without pain

This pain is unbearable

Hey am facing the same situation right now.am in unbearable pain

I know exactly how it feels.

But we will get through it together