Need Someone To Talk To

I love my husband and as long as I have known him he has smoked drugs. We have since retired and he is trying to quit and I do not like the person he is. I have not asked him to quit but he thinks it is time. Good for him and I would like to support him but he is lashing out at me to the point that I cannot take it. I do not take drugs but have my own vises. I so not have any circumstances to judge. But we have just bought a home to retire in away from family and friends and I am scared.
Thoughts please.

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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

In don't have any experience in with your type of situation, but I am around your age and will listen to you. It is great that he wants to stop using drugs. Have you tried going to a Alanon meeting or some kind of support group for families of addicts? Maybe some kind of counseling for you to learn how to deal with him.

Be strong. Hopefully things will get better.