My Life Is ******..

My ****** life...
I absolutely hate my life. My mom is a ***** and very unsupportive. I've been sexually harassed when I was 4. I still remember but thankfully I still have my virginity. I've had anorexicia back in MArch-June. My mom found out by me fainting in my school hallways after soccer practice. I've been depressed. I don't have a dad do there's no guy I could really trust except my grandfather. But we're slowly drifting apart. I've attempted suicide 4 times. I just couldn't leave my brother. All my friends are fake! Except one she was very supportive of me with anorexicia. I bet she was because she was skinny. But now her metabolism is low she gained weight so now she wants to be anorexic. And I'm relapsing. Just today actually. There's a guy who is extremely hot who wants to get in my pants. He wants me I send him nude pics of myself to him. I asked someone on omegle. And they said I shouldn't. I'm fat again! I wanna be skinny like before. I can't wait till I'm eightteen so I can be a vegetarian instead of always having meat and junk food all the time. I binge every single day. I just want to be happy with my self.
immafatdirectioner immafatdirectioner
Dec 10, 2012