Over It

Every tiny little thing makes me so upset it is actually driving me crazy, Like I can be happy one moment and whithin minutes I am a complete mess.. I am over crying time and time again. Sometimes I just think life would be easier for me and everyone around me if I wasn't around.. It sounds selfish but if i was gone then I wouldn't have to hurt so much and constantly think about all the pain. I would do anything to feel normall and for a smile to actually be real
wishitwouldend wishitwouldend
18-21, F
4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I wish i coud tell you that i won't but i can't because that would be a lie.. As for seeing a doctor i already have a while ago. But thanks for your kind words xx

I tell myself that too sweetie :) We all do <3

yeah but i just wish the bad didn't have to hurt soo much xx

Just bad days sweetheart :) Things will get better then go bad once again, then good once again. That's the journey of life, without the bad days there cannot be good days :) You were given this life for a reason, one day you will find out what that reason is xoxoxoxxo