i saved my underage girlfreind from being raped , im 17 and she's 14, and in turn i got beat up by the guys that were trying to rape her, im not mad cuz i got beat up , im mad cuz i put myself in dis situation. i know its wrong that we are even dating but at da same time , if she didnt leave wit me , they would have raped her, im so torn. i dont know what to do,. im already emotionally disturbed and have had multiple negative past expeirence with violence. i was once beatin up by a complete stranger for no reason at all , and i tend to get into fights alot because of my height , im short , and i truly hate violence, . so much to that point that , when i become extremely anger, i become homicidal , and dont want to just fight , but i want to kill . now i want to murder the boys the beat me up ,but i kknow i cant because ive already been to jail twice , and i dont want to go back . Someone please help me .
lilwayne1182 lilwayne1182
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

u can talk u to me if u want i had been abused in a big part of my life.