Loosing Hope

why does life have to through so many freaking curve balls. I don;t know if I can take this pain anymore. I am trying believe me I am but it is just soo hard.. with every fake smile comes a hidden tear.. Like i do not have the worst life, not by far but yet I am still so upset. I feel like I am not allowed to be upset which just makes me feel like even worse of a persn. And there is this person I love but not as someone I want to date but just beecause I feel so close to them but I hate that I love this person.. They make me cry more then any other persoon I know.. I wish she liked me as much as I do her. It feels like the person I care for most in this world doesn't give a rats about me.. Well i suppose I don't blame her.. I feel so alone :( I wish i had my mum to talk too!
wishitwouldend wishitwouldend
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

We'll get pass through this soon. I hope. You better not give up 'cause I'm trying hard not to too. I feel exactly the same you do. And I know these words could not heal even .1%of the pain but for what it's worth.. You're never ever alone. What's this site for, right? We'll be here. Even if physically we're not, I know both of us could go through this. <3 Stay Strong.

Thanks beautiful. It's nice to know i am not alone.. You are a very wise girl.. &lt;3

Thanks for your beautiful kind words xx

I want you to know that you are not alone. I want to say this without sounding as though I am negating your feelings because I know they are all too real and I am sorry you are in so much pain.

With that being said, almost every individual has this type of despair at around your age. Maybe not the same exact circumstances, but almost always some type of helpless/hopeless emotional turmoil. I promise it's just a life experience we all go through. It;s part of growing up. We all have to fo through these types of experiences to know how to handle them. Once you get past this hurdle, you will have the ability to get past the next one. Confidence will build and so will your strenghth of character.

I am so proud of you for choosing to express your feelings like you have. That alone tells me you are going to be fine. What I will say to you is that you need to trust your instincts. You already have figured out on your own that this person isn't the right person for you. You know that already. Be careful not to fall in the trap that many of us do when we try to deny what we already know. It will only get harder and more painful the longer you hang out in any situation that causes you this much pain. I know it seems like the end of the world now and that you will never love anyone like you claim to love this person. It feels like that now, but I promise you that tomorrow is always another day. I have learned hundreds of times if not more, that nothing seems as bad tomorrow as it did today.

Please trust me on that and please trust yourself because you have displayed an amazing level of common sense in your post as well as your choice to share your feelings in the first place.

Be proud of yourself.....you did great!!!

Good Luck in all of your endeavors...