i thought id share my story t.i am a mother and married but very unhappy as i dnt lve mu husband any more and i know he doesnt love me either but he desnt seem to try to get out of this situation or talk abut it.i cant talk abt it as im so scared of him,he is so rude to me all the time and hits me and scolds me all time.i hate seeing him face and cant luk int his face.but i am so scared and dont know what to d.i dnt think im strong enough to file for divorce?sounds very silly of me really---
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It's your child too. I'm glad you'll keep in touch. Are you in the United States?

no /UK.thank u

You are in a very dangerous situation. Please get online and look for a womens shelter. Put some things aside for yourself and your children. Put them where he won't notice but where you can get to them quickly when you make your escape. Plan your escape for when he is at work. Take your children and go. If you stay, and you have a son, he may grow up to beat his wife. The people at the shelter will offer you the support and guidance you need. Read "Women Who Love Too Much", to help avoid the patterns that could put you in the same situation with someone else. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are.

thx so much dear.ur words really help 4 me 2 stay strong..i know im in a bad place.but is it that easy to walk away with his child.theres a child involve and will i get accused of taking his child? his beatings not being bad so lately but every day he scolds me for simple things and i am very sensitive person also..any way but ill soon figure something out and keep in touch.

thx hun..very helpful info.women's aid info particularly,