Its Time To Pray:

I am just beside myself with the tragic school shooting there are so many stories on the internet some I have been reading but what did those sweet innocent children do to you not one thing how in the world could you shoot your mom she was shot in the face then go to that school and go in 2 first grade classrooms shooting one class more children then the other I hate to say this they were shot with a rifle how.

I have almost just broke down yesterday and today I myself have an 19 year old special needs daughter in her last year of school and I said just to think of the parent or parents with that being their only child I one morning think Brittany was in the 9th grade teacher called saying it was a bomb treat I was on edge well the teacher said they were sending them home I cannot drive so she had to come by the school bus called back and say no they were not coming it took me a while to calm down.

This would of been sad any time of the year but this close to Xmas they have a long healing process ahead the principal along with one teacher some more were killed where are you safe tell me people wont to go shooting when you are maybe in church again we need to pray.

I would like to say my heart and prayers are with all the families of Newtown please post all comments about this tradgey
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Dec 15, 2012