I Really Need This....

As I am single, have no friends and am not close with my family, I often feel really lonely and abnormal. Everyone else seems to have people in their life who want to listen to them, who makes them see that their feelings are valid and not silly. Who hug them and take care of them, someone who they feel a connection and deep trust with. I don't have that and it kills me inside. I am a sensitive and loving person, I have deep thoughts, lots of anxieties at times and I crave, all the time, a mother figure. Someone who will think I am amazing, look after me a bit, hug me, compliment me, basically be an auntie type figure. I thought I had that but it turns out I didn't. Sometimes I get so jealous of other people who have these people in my life. ThenI hate myself for it.
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You are not alone, and you are just as important as those other folks that have a circle of support. I, too, can very much identify with how you described your situation. You are much braver than I am. Kudos to you for expressing yourself and not bottling this feeling inside until it comes out in self destruction of oneself. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and the symptoms have been a long, slow, delayed onset of cofusion and misplaced feelings, resulting in isolating myself due to lack of confidence in everybody, family, friends, my whole world and everything that I knew and relied on for validation and self affirmations. Etc. I could go on, however, I won't hold you hostage to such & extensively long and hyperbolic response to your post. Hang in there. I found out that I can't go to a hardware πŸ› store and expect to find a freezer full of every favorite flavor of ice cream. However, I am still trying to find the ice cream 🍦store. If I can't find one after too long, I may just have to create my own. Or something like that. (?!&$@:β€’) πŸ˜‰πŸ¦„βœŒπŸΌοΈ

Feel free to add me if you'd like to talk.

i feel the same way but I guess its up to us really to make that difference and take the awkward step , be the change easier said than done, thou u agree ?

Hope it worked out...

Life sometimes get the best of you but let me tell you it's best to sit back and turn on music think within, let the sound drift you to a vision of what are where you want, and make it a place of happiness or a quite place or with the one you wish to be with at least it's stable and something to see into

You know it's sometimes those people that you think may over look you but truly don't they get busy in their life and that's all it is I can see you need a friend and I am reaching out to be someone to I guess try to understand .

I am the same. I'm mixed. My Chinese sides doesn't talk to me because 1) I'm white and 2) I'm a single mother. My brother doesn't talk to me because he doesn't want to lose face with the Chinese relatives for 'siding and defending his sister'. Then again, my friends have always said my brother was an ******* and coward so nothing new there. I try organizing and friends showed up but 'forgot' to invite me. Then I made new friends doing things I loved. My new friends enjoyed hanging out with me and I them. That is what really matters. Take your life in your own hands and enjoy it. Do things you love and new friends will come to you. Love yourself, forget those who don't love you, and enjoy your life. It's too short not too.

Life is not that bad. If you need someone , I am here

Hey jenny
I can't say that I completely understand you I have friends that would or might help me but that require me to have an absolutely unimaginable trust in them and it's just not the case but if you ever need to talk about ANYTHING I will help under any circumstances because I know what it feels like to have a problem and not know where to turn to or even if there is someone to turn to so just message me and we can talk πŸ’¬πŸ’¬πŸ’¬πŸ’¬πŸ’¬πŸ’¬πŸ’¬

Yeah it sounds like you need a friend.. Not just any friend.. Someone older, more mature and a good listener. In box me if you like.

I here I am for you to talk , what I would do is go to my nearest liquor store pick up my Amsterdam and cranberry , go back home turn on some music and be like **** it

Try instead of looking for someone to be there for you, be there for someone else. You might end up getting what you want in the long run

Maybe we could actually use this site as a congregation of friends tool as well and not for abuse and vain stories that are forgotten as soon they are read.

Heyyyyy :) Dont worry :) I'm here if u wanna talk :)
And what's ep for?! You can find tons of people here who'd like to listen to u!! :)
Don't let negative emotions get to u :-|

I feel exactly the same, I'll with you maybe we could help one another. ;)

Hey I will always talk I can try to relate x

Talk to me jenni

Hi there

Hi there Talk to me. My name is Damien Im from Sweden Stockholm. 29 years. Love to travel, go to the gym. Party and films.

I m here to talk u

To be precise, live without, not within, its just a perspective that you have. I have been battling depression, this is from my personal experience.

I also want sm1 to talk right now, so can we talk

I have no friends too but I feel not lonely. Because I already used to that life. I have no friends, there is nothing the speaker of me. To me, make a friends is more difficult than the exam. I seriously don't know why make a friend very difficult is. But all I can say is my life is just horrible as hell. I'm about to cry

Hi jenni. As u can see do many people understand u. I for one do too. I hv been single & lonely for years. Been married but it ended & I'm back to single again. I can't even b with my 2 daughters as I had to migrate to another country to earn a proper living. Not it's between work & home alone. Keep this post going & I'll chat to u. Thanks for sharing. Don't hate yrself. Make the best u can


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I understand what you are going thru. I too am looking for friends as I have none anymore and my family won't talk to me. Feel free to mail me. Hugs.

I can relate.

So many words come to mind when I read your story that I honestly don't know what to say to help you feel better. I'm going through a similar situation & have been searching for a solution myself.

Thanks, & you're welcome. Not sure if we're close enough to be real life friends, but we can always talk here if you want.

You just describe my life to a T. I am so sorry that you feel this way and I understand from personal experience. I would really love to talk to you from the standpoint of someone who actually understands where I'm coming from. it can be so hard to be the good person that you are when you feel so lonely sometimes.

Hard to fill that hole with something digital, but feel free to write to me.
I've heard I can be a good listener

Sorry to hear. I am single also and live by myself, and don't have my family close to me. The family close to me just don't keep in contact with me. I only have friendships, which I'm grateful for. It's really tough building trust, and it takes patience and time. I understand how you feel. I get jealous also when I hear or read about married couples and what they do together. Happiness starts from within. Find a good job, or volunteer somewhere. Don't let others make you feel any less valuable. Being single is never as fun. If you need to chat, I will be glad to listen. Hope you are well!

I understand what your going threw completely

I know what you're talking about. I live against my wish in an other country, i dont speak the language. The only friends i have is here on EP, my wife like to register at datingsites, but is jealouse at the same time because i am daily to find on EP and my family is 14000km away from me who dont care about me. Yeah i really know how you feel.

Read your Bible

Reading the bible only helps with certain things and so that isn't always the best advice.

Reading the bible only helps with certain things and so that isn't always the best advice.

I feel the same way and I would love to talk to you.

well i'll be your friend if you want. I am almost the same but I do have one really good friend who I value more than anything. It took me a long time to realize that though and I will never forget what it felt like to feel alone in the world. If you ever need to talk i am here.

u will find , i'm sure there r many ppl want someone like u to be in their life :)

Anytime you want to talk text me

you're definitely not alone. I lost my mother at 18, my father moved on within a year with an alcoholic who i can't get along with so i rarely speak to him or see him. my brother live 1000 miles away and all my friends from school have gone their own way. All i have is my grandmother and my boyfriend but inside I always feel empty. You just have to hang in there because when things are so bad, what other direction is there but up.

Oh! what a bad luck me and you have in common! Please just be friend of mine and change the situation, right!!

I feel your pain. I do have friends but sometimes I feel isolated and alone. Feel free to add me to your circle.....anyone who reads this can.

well well well, after all these responses, can you believe that you are the only lonely person out there? Lonely people aren't so lonely after all. No shame in sharing your feelings, we're all respectful here.

Ur story is my story maybe we could talk sometime.

I am sorry you are lonely. My husband just left me so I can relate to this. Please feel free to contact me.


Jenni, I really understand what you feel. I'm in the same situation. I didn't know how to help unless I realised that maybe just saying it will make you feel less lonely. Then I read everything that other people have written to you, and I would like to thank you for writing about this, because, these answers have helped me too.
One last thing: I think it's nice to be able to share feelings on the net and have people who care react about them. The Experience Project is great for that purpose. But this won't replace any REAL connection - people you can meet up with, look in the eye when you talk to them, hug and get hugs from. People who will help you when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or when you need to move out of your flat. People YOU can help, and get a feel-good return from. The feeling that you belong in a group, that you can't just disappear without anyone missing you.
Life feels so daunting without a friends' network. Like you, I used to think that I had it, mostly through my relatives, but now things have greatly changed and I don't know who I can turn to.
What we need to do is reach out, push our limits, get in touch with people that can be part of our lives in a non-virtual way. It's hard to begin with, but I don't think there's an other option.
Good luck! Take care.

You, just like everyone else, crave affection and acceptance, but life, just as it has for me, has placed you on the outside looking in, never experiencing a hug or any other kind of affection, never ever being a part of what we see others enjoying.

In my case, I've been alone since birth, this has conditioned me into accepting my lot, it's not the best place to be, it would have been lovely to have been a part of things, but at 65, I fear my chances of things ever changing have all passed.

I do things for people, in this way I get to be appreciated for the time I'm with them, and although this is small crumbs, it's better than nothing, so maybe you need to give of yourself to get what you want????

I believe loneliness is a state of mind, get yourself busy, fill your mind with things you have to do, involve yourself with others, even if it's fleeting, it's got to be better than living in solitary.

I am not sure this is true, because I do this, but it is impossible to keep busy forever. Eventually in a moment of peace I have to acknowledge this whole in my heart. Lonliness is a horrible feeling.

OK, everyone has moments where they are alone, where their thoughts turn to the way they see others living and they realize they\'re kind of cut off, but when it\'s all boiled down, it really is our problem, it\'s something we personally have to deal with. Many people have tried to offer you advice, amongst it all there must be things you can use to help improve your lot. Read it all and act on what you can.

Life is full of ups and downs...
Lights and Dark...
Good and Bad...

Like a coin...
It's Heads and Tails.

You can't spend just the "Good" side of the coin...

Your choice is not Good Or Bad...
Up or Down.

Your Choice is whether you spend your coin....
And take the rollercoaster ride...
Or sit in the car going nowhere...
on flat ground where it's safe.

I say....
Grab the Coin and Invest in Yourself!

I don't know how to add you as a friend or add you to my circle....
But I would be ever so glad if you were.

This or that....
Life is about choices!

Hey jenni... I know how u feel. I've been there and when I felt that way, I would reach out to others by telling them how I felt and even send out positive thoughts and prayers for those people.
Do u have hobbies and/or interests?
Are there groups, clubs, etc. for your interest?
I have met some very wonderful people like that...and in fact, went to a really helpful and positive meeting last night.
I told myself to "get outta my comfort zone" and just go. And that I did!
Anyways, I hope my comment helped.
I am here if you still need a friend!

Almost 13,000 people have read your post! I think that's great! I feel a connection to you, I'm not sure why, but I do appreciate your honesty, I have read your blog. I also am dealing with the pain of loneliness and of having a mother who is not loving. It is not easy to keep confidence when you have a mother who is not proud of you, I know! I have dealt with rejection and abandonment all of my life. I've wound up in my own little shell, all by myself. I have read all of the responses here and have found some of them to be very helpful. I hope you have as well. You are welcome to be my friend, I would be so happy to hear back from you, anytime. Maybe we could help each other. God Bless, transistic

There is a website called family wanted. The lady that runs it had dealt with the same thing, as have I. Maybe they could help you.

I was the same and then I realized I had that person in my ex boyfriend's mother. I felt guilty at first, wanting her as my mother rather than my own mother. Some people dont have a mother at all and would see me being ungrateful and cruel. It had always bothered me what people would think if i turned my back on my mother who had never put anyone first herself. She is a master at disguising her sociopathic behaviour using her money, alcohol, cooking and entertaining sarcasm to buy friends and influence people. Her tall stories became taller over time about her 'terrible' children and health issues. I realized my guilt was a waste of my energy - energy I was already depleted of from trying to fulfill the expectations of. This person who gave birth to me had been slowly choking me ever since I could remember. I've been living with chronic fatigue for nearly 35 years and more recently diagnosed with fybromyalgia. I began to see the relationship between her behaviour and my health issues. Why should I deny myself a full relationship with a person who loves me like a morher should love and support her daughter and values me as I do her. She already knew all about my woes with my family dis-connectedness so I asked her if she could be my mother figure... And she said yes!
I don't have contact with my real family any more and I no longer feel guilty. I have supportive friends and my new family around me and I couldn't be happier. The only weird thing now is explaining my connection to the family to my ex boyfriend's girlfriends as they come along. We are ok with it and quite frankly we are better at being siblings than boyfriend and girlfriend!! LOL
I love my new mum and do what I can to help her around her home as her arthritis limits her and we catch up over coffee every week and share books and videos on our many common interests.
I hope this helps you. Cheers

I'd like to be your friend. I've felt this way most all of my life, for the most part its never bothered me being alone,yet there are times I've felt it would be nice to have a friend. Seems I've thrown myself into my work never things of much else it would be nice to change a bit of that.

hey...don't feel upset. you just need to make some friends. I can be your friend if you don't have any problem :). I think, everyone is unique and has some great skills/talents to be explored. Just find out what you're great in and you will nevel feel alone/dejected. Be feel free to contact me directly

Enjoy your life.

hi Jenni can we be friends?

Dear Jenni,
Why not you try to talk to people first. When you open your mouth, people would mostly respond to you. Try to observe what individuals are interested in. For instance, if they are interested in a certain game, you should try to obtain some knowledge on that particular game. Then, you can easily strike up conversations them.
If you are only interested in whatever you already know, make a deeper study on it, then look for the same category of people to talk with. Guarantee that you'll not be lonely anymore. If you can't get, then look for me.

Jenni, life is hard. Sometimes you just need to talk to people. Online, you can be whoever you want until you find someone you want to be. You can talk to me about anything you want, I won't find anything you need to talk about weird.

Honey, you are not alone. Sorry, this is getting to you late, by me. I have a husband, but that is all I have. I do have 2 girls, who were taken from us & then adopted by the foster parents. I still love my girls very much. I know what it is not to have family that you can't to talk to, because I feel the same way, other than my husband. If you still want, I can be your "auntie". And if you ever need anyone to talk to, I can be that someone. My regular email is walk.susan@yahoo.com, if you need to talk more. I'm also on Facebook under Susan Walk from Bellefonte, PA. You can call me Aunt Susie, if you want. You could be the "daughter" or "niece" I always wanted. Sounds corny, doesn't it? Well, hope you did have a nice holiday. Hope 2013 be the best year for you. Auntie Susie

If it helps, I'm in a relationship that when we are together, she's never here. She's always in Facebook. I feel that spiritual and human connection yearning to be fulfilled in me, that spirit of adventure just ready to go for a hike, or explore the world, seize the day. But instead? I'm confined to the quarters of my apartment, worrying about the world as it passes by, and whether I'm staying fit, young, chic, and attractive enough to keep her, and not able to do a thing about any of it. Because ....
The need for fulfillment of love. The shoulder to cry on. I hope this helped. It helped me.

Loneliness sucks. I understand exactly your situation but here's something I hope you understand. I have parents, 4 siblings and a huge extended family but growing up I felt lonely. After 15 years of marriage and 4 kids, I still feel lonely. I can't explain why but I just do. I wish to abolish loneliness from everyone. Message me through my profile if you'd like.

I am sorry I forgot to leave my contact information , darcauswings@aol.com .

Hi Jenni , I am sorry about what you are dealing with , maybe I can help you , so you can email me if you like .

Jenni, sometimes you can be in a room full of people and still be lonely. It doesn't matter how many friends you have but what matters is how many of them will be there for you when you need them. Sometimes just one friend is more than enough.

Have you thought about keeping a pet? Having a pet will help you learn a lot about yourself. Trust me on this... I have three dogs, I've had pets all my life ranging from rabbits to birds. You'll be surprised at what you can learn from a mere animal. Maybe when you see a living creature dependent on you for everything you will feel a deep sense of worth.

Seems to me with all the replies that you recieved you do have friends and people who listen. A new day always turns over a new leaf or a new perspective on how we look at life.

Those who do not have anyone in their lives for moral support are sometimes the ones to inspire the most. Sometimes a greater purpose for who you are is just around the corner. Don't stop writing and don't ever stop being yourself.


Jenni, my mom told me once that if you want to make a friend you have to be a friend. I've always been a loner and then I met a flamboyant girl who became my best friend. We are poles apart but we've been close like sisters. I don't have many friends but I reached out to people I chose to have in my life. I don't know the extent of your problems and we all have our share... but if you really feel like you want to talk about it shoot me a mail on here and we can exchange emails and keep in touch. I'll be happy to help out if I can. Hang in there... the trick it to love yourself and be confident about who you are and it all falls into place.

Please don't hate yourself. I'm available if you want to lean on me.....!!!

Hi Jenni855,
I read your story and I feel for you, because I've been there too. Well, I haven't got out of it completely but at least I had friends now. Try finding a hobby... a simple one, then you can try chatting in forums, social network, or other communities to find people with the same hobbies as you in your hometown (or at least nearby).
That's how I got my first friend that lasted for 15 years now... But I still can't open up to him even today, so I find it hard to share what I've kept inside...

Flip it around- where there is want, we have need. Think sometimes of those who also cannot be around others even though their need is great. In almost every city there are homes where elderly persons live-many who day by day do no get to be around those they feel connected to either. When lonely, and when in doubt-help someone out. Seek out retirement centers and make a commitment to visit maybe once a week at least-to read with, visit just be there for someone who may have no-one. Write down what a healthy mother figure is to you and become that for yourself. A healthy mother may tell you to take a walk and enjoy nature-she may tell you to take baby steps and learn to trust others and be ok when they do not always come thru and like them anyways. Others are not always able to give us what we need and they are not under any requirement to be everything we need anymore than we are. I spent literally years and years closed off from others until I learned to do what I could when I could and when it was in front of me to do. If I wanted persons in my life it is my job to reach out, put myself in places in order to meet others. I have an interest in gardening and sewing-if you look it up on-line you may find groups with others who share your interests-if there is no group-put an ad in the paper or a store or city hall bulletin board and start a group of your own. Talk to a church or library about using an empty room for a small fee to meet in. And don't feel you need to run the whole show yourself-invite others to share in the responsibilities. People may not know what you need-but they do know what they need so ask others if they need anything from you and if you are willing to do so, then do it or offer what you may be able to willingly share. That may start a give and take that is good for both parties. If you have just one chosen day where you make sure you are around others you will begin to look forward to it and have a respite from loneliness. Volunteer work or groups is an excellent beginning. Good luck with enriching your own circle, it will be well worth it.

How about a grampa figure? Lots of hugs Jenni. Did you know you are never really alone!
Alone time is good time for reflection and as you see yourself more clearly you may realize that you are not defined by your need for others and perhaps more by the need others have for you. Lots of love dear one perhaps there is an aunty out there that needs you more than you need her.

Hey, i desire the same thing. idont feel like my friendsvalue my feelings. I always get cut short when i start to explain my thoughts and feelings. i also long for a mother figure as well. someone who is strong and loving and wise. i am still praying that God bring all of that in my life in the future but for now i write journal entries and i looove it. you should try it. i address my entries to God though because i lnow that he exist and know everything so i talk to him thru writing. he rocks. he is my sole best friend. amazing. he really understands and talk back. i know that he will bring the people i need in my life. So just like the bible say make your request known to God. Try journaling. even writing blogs will allow you to express your thoughts and opinions.

You should read more... novels and plays. You will learn that loneliness is a very human condition, and that it's being dealt with every day. reach out to people, be the one they can love, admire and count on, and you'll find that it bounces back at you.

I understand these feelings very well and worse so because I actually had someone for nine years... I wish I could just hug and comfort you now... I truly miss having someone around who enjoyed receiving affection like that... at least your family lets you live at home... mine was content to see me live on the street... but I showed them and have been slowly working my way back up (now if I could just find somebody to love who loves me)

causes this detachment from others? Sometimes, it is simply life circumstances. If you live a life where it is natural for people to come together because they are living in similar circumstances and have roughly similar outlooks, needs or expectations, then friendships can blossom. When I was teaching English abroad, twenty-somethings developed friendships as circumstances brought them together. I once dated a girl from an expatriate Italian family ... their immigrant status, large number of children (she was born in the 1950s) also had the affect of drawing close ties. Yet, closeness can seem a curse as much as a blessing if you feel controlled by family members or expected to behave in a manner you don't like by friends. If circumstances don't establish you in a group, you can find one that will accept you, such as a religious group, or by volunteering (very good suggestion made by others on this post). If you're lucky, you'll find somewhere you feel you fit in but again if this does not suit your expectations, you have to decide how far you are willing to compromise. Perhaps being lonely but true to yourself is better than living by the rules of your companions and so lying to yourself.

"Closeness can be a curse" you are ABSOLUTELY right! I have been there, done that ... controlled by my family and friends, doing what they wanted, feeling guilted into following the family rules and lying to myself every single day! It wasn't until I got out - at the age 45. I won't go into my story too much because it does not apply to Jenni's but I will say what a friend told me when I was feeling really lonely and really down, "Jenni, you are were you are supposed to be" and so "just be." When I finally was able to accept my new surroundings and new circumstances and NEW FREEDOM, I was finally able to open up to those around me. It took a lot of courage and faith to take that step and be that friend. I am proud to say, in the past 2 years that I have gained four real, true, honest friends who I believe will be there for me until the end of time - in their own way (you do have to be open to others, too, and accepting them for what they are, what you can offer them and what they can offer you). When you try to put people in your mold, they are going to turn and run ... FAST. Just love yourself and accept yourself and your situation. Then, get out, meet some people in the real world - join a MeetUp group, a gym or a knitting club - whatever it is you are going to love and stick with. Once you do, things will fall into place.

Dear Jenni Sweety
You dont need someone to lean on, you need a connection with your creator God also known by Muslims as Allah. When you make that connection then you will feel better about yourself because you are not alone. Then you will be able to make close friends who you can trust and life would look a lot more rosey.

I feel the same as you and have been in this spot for a very long time. Even my spiritual life & relationship with God has changed not for the good. I have a mission from God, but I don't feel like me or my life is worth it right now. I'm tired of fighting & fixing things in my life that should not have happened. I'm alone & terribly depressed with no money to go blow on something. Honestly life sucks & I would love to know how to fix it and be happy & want to live again.

You are where you are for a reason. God is calling you to talk to Him. Things will go better for you from now forward.

well i am single and feel the same way. its a natural human need to be loved, cared for and to have a shoulder to lean on especially in times of need. one feels the need to be close to someone at least one person in life, to whom one can not just talk but also rely on. you can talk to me if you like.

I feel the same way perhaps due to the fact that I have Asperger's Syndrome and have a different reality than other people and have never fit in and also because my family demeans,devalues,dismisses, and degrades me.I always feel so alone,even surrounded by people. I have been bullied and rejected my entire life and have no self esteem.Due to my limits I am also shy and withdrawn and don't know how to socialize and make friends and am very isolated. My only contact with the outside world is online so I can certainly sympathize with you.

Jenni: Nobody is truly alone. The trick is to reach out in the right direction to touch someone else. God bless this electronic world - you can move from e-mail to cat to Skype and even across the miles, begin to open up and share feelings with a real person...I'm here reach out at least one time and let's TALK!

I understand how you feel. I've been in that phase too. I think sometimes if things don't happen, we should do something about it. Go out and make friends. Talk to your family more. Baby steps. You can do it! :) :)

Sorry you are feeling lonely. I am single also, and understand how it feels to be rejected and thrown in the trash. My fathers family abandoned me completely, I have Cerebral Palsy. Life can really suck sometimes. People told me that voluntteering is a good to meet people. If you have a job, consider yourself lucky. Lonliness is the mind playing tricks on our mind. We get negative thoughts that are not real.. Be thankful for the things you have control over. We will never be 100% in control of people thoughts..and that's something I tell myself. Love yourself, find things to make you smile or laugh when you are alone, be independent. My cousin told me expect less or nothing from people. Hugs..

Dear Jenni, its o.k to feel down sometimes.It's natural. The more important is to find the courage to stand up and continue with our lives. An easy way to do that is starting count our blessings. Of course, there are things in your life that you feel grateful for. Things that you almost take for granted. Moreover, one of the main causes of frustration in our lives comes when we compare our lives to that of other people. We should not do that. Even when you have somebody to love you and care about you, the way you want, there will be always something amiss, if you look the life of others. The only thing you should do is this: Look into your life for things you have change for the better since the previous years. You are the measure of your own achievements, not others.
Love yourself, cherish yourself, socialise, someone will eventually appreciate you. Go out there and make some change. Nothing changes if we keep still and hope that things will change by themselves.

Jenni, you're not alone.
I live alone and have no real friends. I'm not close with my family or anyone.
I always thought I was alone too, so thanks for this post.
Since the new year started, I've been trying to be less lonely.
I started volunteering at the animal shelter, near where I live, and I have felt a lot better lately.
Just think about what makes you happy and do some volunteer work. It has helped me loads. If you like animals, go to an animal shelter, or help out with the Humane Society.
If you prefer people, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or with something like Meals on Wheels.
Just find something that you like to do, and you'll meet people who share your interests, and you'll feel less lonely.

I hope I helped!

I too had been thru this..dear...trust.me it is the worst feeling. Now am out of it tho the frst step was I went into a shell.. A space with only me and my imagination.. A beautiful world whereI can do all that makes me happy..when I was out I realizedthe world is not just comprising of the nearfamily and friends..It is a vast universe withpeople who are there waiting to give u love and care..started moving out from myusual habitat found new frends and avenuesfor happiness..And now seeing me smile and cheerfuldespite their absence they are all confusedthose that shunned me.. But they all want to reconnectonly to mke me go back to my past.. And now I have learnt all their happiness revolves aroud reasonsand when the reasons are lost they too feel down..When you find new frends they will have to see how strong you have been thru ur tough times and when they tellu that U will feel u have fought your battles and won them..

I have times when I felt that way.. it had been long before I realized that life is not about us, its about how we live with it.
I think the best way to find happiness and do what we wanted to do without barriers in our hearts. Whatever other people will tell us, it's none of our business so just continue doing things you love to do and that makes you happy. Sometimes to be with ourselves by enjoying it is one of the biggest attraction that magnets other people. A lot of people are loved not for being soooo nice or for being soooo adorable but because they are who they are and a lot of people finds that very attractive.

Get yourself up each and everyday and think of ways to please yourself and not please others. I guess that's the best start I can advice you for the meantime.

I will talk to you girl

You are the only one who can change this,
the most difficult step is the first step,
so give it a go..., you sow as you reep,
be friendly and the people smiles back to you,
invite people for a coffee, go on a club,

But YOU have to do this, I know you miss
some company,
but life have something nice for you in petto,
it may take awhile but it is coming,

Some one is looking for you and when he has
the guts, he invites you, in de mean time be
friendly and wait.
go out, talk to the people and enjoy life

I don't know what kind of time you have on your hands such as a job e.t.c., But I was thinking most nursing homes allows for volunteers. You would be suprised how many older folks are just like you and worse off due to the fact of them not being able to get about. I know it's not what your looking for but it's a start!

Hey Jenni.. talk to a friend who wants to be with you.. who's with you in ur blues & greens... who listens you when you wants to talk. who talks when you want to listen...

This will be very difficult for you to find someone like that .. but wait for the right person...

Please be aware of the fake friends who hugs you and stab you from the back...

Hope you got my point and may your patience lasts till the last.

with lots of best wishes..