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I Really Need This....

As I am single, have no friends and am not close with my family, I often feel really lonely and abnormal. Everyone else seems to have people in their life who want to listen to them, who makes them see that their feelings are valid and not silly. Who hug them and take care of them, someone who they feel a connection and deep trust with. I don't have that and it kills me inside. I am a sensitive and loving person, I have deep thoughts, lots of anxieties at times and I crave, all the time, a mother figure. Someone who will think I am amazing, look after me a bit, hug me, compliment me, basically be an auntie type figure. I thought I had that but it turns out I didn't. Sometimes I get so jealous of other people who have these people in my life. ThenI hate myself for it.
Jenni855 Jenni855 26-30, F 320 Responses Dec 22, 2012

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Hope it worked out...

Life sometimes get the best of you but let me tell you it's best to sit back and turn on music think within, let the sound drift you to a vision of what are where you want, and make it a place of happiness or a quite place or with the one you wish to be with at least it's stable and something to see into

You know it's sometimes those people that you think may over look you but truly don't they get busy in their life and that's all it is I can see you need a friend and I am reaching out to be someone to I guess try to understand .

I am the same. I'm mixed. My Chinese sides doesn't talk to me because 1) I'm white and 2) I'm a single mother. My brother doesn't talk to me because he doesn't want to lose face with the Chinese relatives for 'siding and defending his sister'. Then again, my friends have always said my brother was an ******* and coward so nothing new there. I try organizing and friends showed up but 'forgot' to invite me. Then I made new friends doing things I loved. My new friends enjoyed hanging out with me and I them. That is what really matters. Take your life in your own hands and enjoy it. Do things you love and new friends will come to you. Love yourself, forget those who don't love you, and enjoy your life. It's too short not too.

Life is not that bad. If you need someone , I am here

Hey jenny
I can't say that I completely understand you I have friends that would or might help me but that require me to have an absolutely unimaginable trust in them and it's just not the case but if you ever need to talk about ANYTHING I will help under any circumstances because I know what it feels like to have a problem and not know where to turn to or even if there is someone to turn to so just message me and we can talk 💬💬💬💬💬💬💬

Yeah it sounds like you need a friend.. Not just any friend.. Someone older, more mature and a good listener. In box me if you like.

I here I am for you to talk , what I would do is go to my nearest liquor store pick up my Amsterdam and cranberry , go back home turn on some music and be like **** it

I do this regularly

Try instead of looking for someone to be there for you, be there for someone else. You might end up getting what you want in the long run

Thats the thing, I am always there for them but nobody for me

Maybe we could actually use this site as a congregation of friends tool as well and not for abuse and vain stories that are forgotten as soon they are read.

Heyyyyy :) Dont worry :) I'm here if u wanna talk :)
And what's ep for?! You can find tons of people here who'd like to listen to u!! :)
Don't let negative emotions get to u :-|

I feel exactly the same, I'll with you maybe we could help one another. ;)

Hey I will always talk I can try to relate x

Talk to me jenni

Hi there

Hi there Talk to me. My name is Damien Im from Sweden Stockholm. 29 years. Love to travel, go to the gym. Party and films.

I m here to talk u

To be precise, live without, not within, its just a perspective that you have. I have been battling depression, this is from my personal experience.

I also want sm1 to talk right now, so can we talk

I have no friends too but I feel not lonely. Because I already used to that life. I have no friends, there is nothing the speaker of me. To me, make a friends is more difficult than the exam. I seriously don't know why make a friend very difficult is. But all I can say is my life is just horrible as hell. I'm about to cry

Hi jenni. As u can see do many people understand u. I for one do too. I hv been single & lonely for years. Been married but it ended & I'm back to single again. I can't even b with my 2 daughters as I had to migrate to another country to earn a proper living. Not it's between work & home alone. Keep this post going & I'll chat to u. Thanks for sharing. Don't hate yrself. Make the best u can


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message me if you like

I understand what you are going thru. I too am looking for friends as I have none anymore and my family won't talk to me. Feel free to mail me. Hugs.

What's wrong honey, if you need to chat I'm here.

I can relate.

So many words come to mind when I read your story that I honestly don't know what to say to help you feel better. I'm going through a similar situation & have been searching for a solution myself.

I am sorry. Thanks for commenting.

Thanks, & you're welcome. Not sure if we're close enough to be real life friends, but we can always talk here if you want.

You just describe my life to a T. I am so sorry that you feel this way and I understand from personal experience. I would really love to talk to you from the standpoint of someone who actually understands where I'm coming from. it can be so hard to be the good person that you are when you feel so lonely sometimes.

Yes, it can be. Thanks for your comment.

Hard to fill that hole with something digital, but feel free to write to me.
I've heard I can be a good listener

Thank you. I appreciate that.