I Feel As If I Am Drowning

How much stress can one take? I feel like I am being suffocated or drowned. I owe way too much in student loans, I cant afford my bills. I am in a new relationship which is wonderful but he has money problems too. He was admitted recently for chest pains....I feel like its my fault. I work 3 part time jobs and still cannot get a break. I have 2 different degrees and God just seems to have another plan for me but I haven't seen it yet. Something needs to happen soon....
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Okay so good you have much less reason to blame yourself for your situation. However you must keep moving forward as you are and not going to let the theft of your money get you down. Remember the recipient class (now 47% of the population) that are receiving those government checks don't care who suffers or goes without as long as those checks keep arriving for them. Also remember you must help in the battle against the recipient class because it's growing faster and bigger everyday. Big Government is the problem not the solution.

Hi sorry to hear you've got so many troubles. First up can't you have a word with the bill providers and get them to let you pay so much a week? years ago I had the same problem and it worked they would rather have something than nothing but don't let them push you to more than you can afford negotiate and stay firm. Can you get a small overdraft with your bank or family to help you out for short time that would help. Realise you are doing your best so try and be positive stressing is useless and gets you nowhere. Good luck.

Hopefully you didn't vote for Obama. The financial problems for working people are mostly the fault of the government taking too much from them. The cronies, both parties (I call them gangs) are to blame. Consider being proactive in politics and support Independent or even better Libertarian candidates. Spread the word. We have to get the Democrats and Republicans out completely. Until then there will be no change. They are thieves and will take until they are forced out. Libertarians are usually regular people and not educated, clueless and out of touch elites who believe they should control everything.

No I DIDNT vote for that crook!

It's not your fault he was admitted for chest pains.
Can you possibly negotiate lower payments? You're running yourself ragged ATM.