A Little This And That. (daddy Issues)

My father has always told me that basically life is about money, dont have a degree and a good job, lifes going to suck. He wants me to be a doctor, but I am going for the photgrapher title this time around, and im terrified to tell him, since being a photographer isnt as astonishing in his eyes as a doctor.

Ive been thinking of moving to the US for a few years now, my father lives in the states and I really want to move over there and attend high school and then college. The only thing is, my father lives in the (forgive me) crappiest place, his car doesnt work, not that he is less fortunate though, he has a degree in aviation he isnt even using (and he pounds on me about school and not being ' poor ') and he has never cooked when I went over there for vacation last summer. It was TV dinners every night.
Ive talked to my Dad, since I have never liked the country I live in now, and he barely says anything. It feels like he doesnt want me to live with him. He shows no intrest of being a father, only a buddy during holidays.
Its either moving in on him this summer, or next summer I move myself to the states and attend school in Florida whistle he lives a few states away.
And im not being naive, here were I live there are no photography schools, no chances to be made, no dreams to be fufilled, and it breaks my heart to think that I might end up with a degree in something i dont enjoy and hate my job.
Nadicee Nadicee
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

Parents are supposed to guide us through life, but they aren't supposed to control our life. So, it really is up to you. The decision is entirely yours. Feel free to do whatever that makes you happy. Good luck in your life =).