Im Never Happy

So here is my story. Im 15 years old and i live in Sweden in a very small town. And my life sucks! I don't have many friends but i have great friends. I hate school! Im not bullied or anything ,i just hate it! I get very nervous when im in the classroom! The boys in my class are jerks and some girls are bitchy! And another thing thats a big problem is P.E in school!!! I hate sports and i suck at it!! I get super nervous when we have P.E and sometimes i feel like i might faint! I pretend to be sick or hurt or anything just to skip it! I am never happy in my life! I hate the town i live in because It's so small and boring! And i hate Sweden! I wanna live in America! Thats my dream!
So tomorrow we have P.E and i don't know how to get throught the day.. I just wanna be happy for once in my life..
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Just try. At the least you can look at this time and know you overcame the fight to make you stranger in life. Lies make you a lesser human, or a failure by hiding. Be strong young one age will show you fighting now helps later.

Im 13 and my life is just as bad.... I'm in an adoption home until someone adopts me but that's looking like it'll never happen. I have come close once but they couldn't go with my problem .... I still pee the bed even tho I'm 13. So I'm up for adoption and still pee the bed, how can you get worse than that ??

Peeing in your unconscious may be linked to a fear. When you hit the sack do it after using the bathroom, and fall into sleep with happy thoughts. The calm thoughts will help your sleeping brain to alert when the stressful pee cramps come on mid sleep.

It don't work for me