I Am Done.

Hi. I am 14 years old and completely miserable. My older sister, who is 22, treats me so badly that at one point I was considering suicide. She tells me how worthless, ugly, manly (because I play multiple sports), and stupid I am. It hurts my feelings and not to mention my self-esteem on a daily basis. The other day, I had enough. After 10 years of the endless bullying she has done to me, I was done. Her best friend was over and she was being her regular mean self while making fun of me and putting me down every chance she got. Then she order me to do something I couldn't refuse. She said "Wow you look mad. I bet you want to punch me. Go ahead. Do it." Keep in mind I am 14 and a half years old and may be younger but I am 5'10 and play softball at an elite level and field hockey as well. After 10 years of non violence, I got up and punched her as hard as I could. It was pretty hard because my first was in pain for two days. She went crying to my mom and my mom said "maybe its best you get out of the house", to my sister. After my sister left, my mom thanked me for punching her because my sister treats everyone in the family like ****. Keep in mind, I have eight people in my family and she just attacks me. Please someone tell me what to do before I do something I will regret!!
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ok, well remember this is only temporary, getting bullied is actually alot harder then what people think it is stand up for yourself, by that i don't mean go punching everyone around but meh sometimes it happens be strong and remember you are and will always be beautiful.
now that i've read keep in mind you're not alone. don't live with regret and also suicide is not the answer and will never be

from what i gather she needs help.. she wouldn't bully yu if there wasn't something troubling.. instead of fighting.. ask her what is wrong nd y is she being mean to everyone? there has to be a reason.. nd what she did to yu was past.. it's you who has to correct everything n make amends... p.s.- msg me if need help :)

first of all, me personally i think violence is not wanted, and second does she realise it? if she doesn't realise it then tell her, and ask her why she is doing it in front of her friends, if she is just doing it then. pm me if you wanna talk.

Can you please msg me and we can talk?