I Am Afraid No One Will Care For Me

I have been pretty ill from the flu and pneumonia. I was even hospitalized from it and am afraid that if something worse happens, no one will take care of me.

I rushed myself to the ER when my family left me on the couch for days not so much to ask if I was ok. Not until I was missing the next day did someone text me to ask where I was and why I was even in the hospital. Really?

Oh, it's like no surprise. There have been many times I felt that if I didn't stick up for myself, protect myself, care for myself, no one else will. Why is this? And how should I truly feel about this? Is this a "just suck it up and drive on" moment or am I really on to some greater concern here?

All I keep thinking about is when I am old, who will be my true companion? If I am not able to care for myself, who would? I feel so alone and unprotected.

I am married with children. I am really hurt by this overwhelming feeling.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I'm Soooo Sorry that you feel that way.....No one deserves to feel alone like that.....I Hope that things get better for you in the future....Just remember that tomorrow is a New Day....You might be surprised what it might bring.....Thoughts being sent your way, Love...

first of all... make yurself confident enough and believe that yes yu are someone nd yes u r important.. wat kind of famoly are talking about? frm wat i read there is no family.. it's you who has to muster it all to make one.. make them realise their mistakes.. dont allow them to ruin yur life.. u hvae children den keep them under control.. show it to them that yes u r important