Just Need Someone To Help Me Analyze This From The Guy's Perspective.

There is this boy. We will call him Will for security's sake. I met him through friends and he goes to school with me. He is suuuuper cute and I always wanted to get to know him more. We've been talking to each other, briefly here and there. The more I know about him, the more I like him. He's got an incredible taste in music and he is extremely intelligent and a really deep person. So I decided to ask him to watch the Hobbit premiere with me. He was super excited and accepted. He also brought food from his work and we ate it outside of a local coffee shop here and then we went inside and talked for a good hour. He even bought my drink, which I did not expect. I had my money out and was ready to pay, and I know he saw it too. I feel like he shared really deep things for a first date... like he told me that he takes melatonin every night, or he can't sleep. And that he stays up all night just thinking about stuff that makes him depressed if he doesn't take any. I feel like that's a really deep thing to tell someone. So after that, we carpooled and drove to the theater, which also happens to be where I work. We watched the Hobbit, and it was wonderful. He drove me back to my car and the whole night was a great time. And then as we pull up to my car, he says "So, I've heard a lot of rumors about what this is supposed to be, and I did not intend for this to be a date or anything, because I'm in nooooo position to be dating anyone at all. At alllll. Plus, I mean, I don't really know you that well. But I definitely think you're cool and we should hang out." I was sooooo upset. I mean, how could that not be a date?! So anyways, the whole ride home, I was analyzing what he said. I could tell by the way he expressed himself, he was still stuck on his ex, more or less. I cling to the hope that he said that he wants to hang out more, but at the same time, I feel like that is something that people say to ease conversation. I have talked to him a couple of times since the non-date. His phone is somewhat broken, so when I texted him for the first time after the date, he replied to me via facebook messaging. We've been messaging eachother since then, but he only gets on fb every two or three days, and I never get to see him anywhere. He is never in town and I never see him on campus. But he always messages me back. And it's not short replies either. It's replies that keep the conversation going. He hasn't sent a message to me that didn't require a reply. And they're always so in depth and somewhat exciting. So I feel like he wants to have a conversation, but it goes by so slowly since his phone is broken. And knowing him, it probably won't be fixed for a good while. But I am getting soooo anxious. I sit around and check my phone to see if he's replied. It's so bad. I don't know why but I am already so attached and there's really no reason for it... we went on one half/non-date. But I just can't handle all of this anxiety, and he's extremely hard to read. I can't tell if he's being nice or is interested or WHAT. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME
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Well, this is actually repost of an earlier story. And since the writing of it there is an update. He didn't message me back in about two weeks. Then I invited him to go see a the Local Natives with me in March and he said that he was going to see a different band that month in DC, and we live in Tennessee, so he won't have the extra money to go see another concert that month. I don't know, he just seemed so interested before the date, and now afterwards, not at all.

Gosh, try not to be too eager. Wait for him to message.

Oh I do remember those feelings when I was young, heart thumping, brain working overtime.

I would give anything to be young again and full of wonder and mystery. Urgh (cough), maybe not, lol.

Passionate pain, will he phone me, will he not?

I do not believe there is any easy, or 'known' path to take.

It reads like you are playing your cards in an intelligent manner, so the best I can add, is 'Just play it cool.'

It will be way groovy if someone you feel for, would reciprocate those feelings, what a wonderful world it would be :)