Pushing People Away

This is my first time ever getting this down. Well were to start. I had a good childhood apart from my dad was never there for me. I then got in contact with him when I was 13 and about 5 years later have no contact with him again. So my dad has left me twice. I really don't mind I know I can live without him but I think in has scared me deep down inside and I am putting barriers up and not letting anyone in. None of my family know how I feel as I don't want to bother them with my problems. I have meet the man of my dreams and been able to open up to him about everything. But We are arguing alot and I think it is all my fault most of them as I feel he is going to let me down like my dad has. But he hasn't let me down once. It is me that is letting him down. I really some advice on wot to do as I know we are good together I just do want to mess up something else. I feel like a total failure
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 11, 2013