Ive Lost My Life

it is killing me day by day...getting worse...i know writing it all here is not gonna make any difference in my life...but i cant take it anymore...ive gotta spit it out...my life was not supposed to be like this...ive got no one to whom i can open my heart...im tired...im divorced with a daughter...im depressed that is likely to affect my daughter too...ive lost my friends just because they have their own lives...they are happily married and im not jealous but when i interact with them, my wounds ache to see what im missing in my life...im jobless because ive become passive..i fear to make any move in my life...i can see that im falling deeper and deeper and this makes me more miserable...it seems as if im going through a vicious cycle. i am losing without any ray of hope...
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Listen,(okay that sounded kinda mean) I know what your goin through but YOU have to do this for your daughter,if she sees you like you are now she'll end uo the same way or possibly worse.now,do you want her to turn out like that? Think about it. (Sorry,not trying to be mean)

Thank you DEXTER ...i know you don't have any bad intentions... i don't want to be like this either, and you have put another of my fear into words. i would never want my daughter to be like this. But i don't know what to do. I am so very alone...no one to take advice from and no one to lean to