The Real Disturbia

So my mother's out of town and I feel so ****** up, like my nervous system cheated on me. I was trying to sleep for the night at 7:00 in the evening, I have a test tomorrow, to which I am not able to give a **** about, I am so ****** up that I googled " i need to talk to someone right now" and started writing this without thinking for a second.
vsinghdhaka1 vsinghdhaka1
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

A couple of thoughts of things that might help: do you know someone else in the same class who's studying for the same test? If so, why not call or text them and see if you both can study together and then take a break and go see a movie, go bowling or just go out for some pizza or fast food to take your mind off your studies for awhile and just enjoy each other's company. You can talk to that person and you will feel better about yourself.