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My boyfriend is 22 his old girlfriend died 6 years ago 2 days ago. She was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks prior to traveling out to see him out of the blue. Their relationship was long-distance as is ours :( She died within the year. When he found out she was getting worse he went out to see her but he was too late. By the time he got the tickets and was on the plane the next day and arrived she was gone. He was in love with her and told me he was going to marry her. It breaks my heart. We are in love with each other and I cant help but feel bad and feel like I'm stealing him form her. I know he truly does love me:) It just saddens me to think of what could have happened and all the **** he went through after she died. I couldn't imagine losing him. We were talking about religion the other night and what happens after we died? Are we reunited with loved ones? What happens when we all three are in heaven or whatever? He loves both of us but would feel like hes cheating either way. This isn't really anything i can just randomly bring up and i need it off my chest. Thank you.
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If she loved him as much as he loves her (and you love him), I don't think she would want him to be left sad and alone. I believe she would be happy that you two are together and supporting each other now, and that you are remembering her. After.... who knows? But keep your love strong, and I think you can all be happy together. Loss is hard on the living. Try to hold onto the positive part of that love most of all.