It's Getting To Hard To Keep Trying.

I've tried a variety of different medications over the past 20 years. It seems the depression is getting worse as I get older. With each new variety of medication I feel a ray of hope that things might be getting better. It doesn't last long. I recently left a 13 year relationship and my own house to see if maybe, just maybe I wasn't happy because of him. I moved in with someone else hoping a new surrounding would make it better. I seemed to be OK for 2 months and now the depression is back with vengeance. Now I'm with someone who doesn't understand my depression and I'm tired of pretending I'm sick all the time so I can lay in bed for days at a time. I just got out of bed a little while ago after 3 days. I'm trying but I'm at the point where I just keep disappointing myself and I feel the others around me.
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Jan 14, 2013