I sound like a daum drama queen, but nothing goes right in my life. I have no friends, no relationship goes right, I have a real bad health.. Including cancer. I`m the nicest person you could meet, I`m caring, and loving. I honestly don`t do anything to deserve this. I don`t hurt anyone.. I`m not trying to look for attention.. I just need someone. I`m 16... and all alone.
I`m the kind of person that never gives up, even how hard I try to. I`m way to strong.. if that makes sense.. I just don`t see my point anymore...
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Thank you, yeah i love making people happy. Thats my life story pretty much, I`m staying strong. (:

I look up to you for that!

Hi there! I feel the same way a lot, lacking a point that is.. The one purpose I can always find though, is helping others. Personally, if I know that someday I can make one more person smile, then that alone is enough for me to keep pushing forward. I know everyone is different, but I hope you can find your niche soon. Stay strong my friend! The darkest times breed the strongest people!