Girls, What Can I Say....

do u think a person can be un-lovable? not in the "friendship" or "family" kinda way. but in the romantic way? cause i think im gonna die alone.

every girl i have ever shown any affectioni to rejects me because of this or that reason. so why try? ihonestly see no point in it anymore. all i do is get attached to someone and watch them slowly fall in love with someone else.

the girl i am currently interested in, now is "seeing someone". i didnt even know this till she mentioned it after the winter break. and all she does is take pop shots at me. iknow she means them harmlessly, but everytime....i wanna just shut up, walk away but i cant.

ithink the worst feeling is having the person you want to be with, constantly make u feel like ****. i know she thinks i dnt care but ****! and if i do care shes just gonna be weirded out or something.

my relationship history is pretty bad, i have nothing but terrible experiences. ive been used for concert tickets. left standing at homecomeing. attended prom alone to watch evryone have a great time. laughed at for giving someone a valentines. cursed out by the first girl i ever formally asked out.

teh depressong part in my opinion is the one time i actually had someone, it was(and im not proud of this) desperation. a girl i was friends with but never really wanted to date, but i figured it was better than nothing. i went all of high school single, bitter, depressed and rejected by any woman i dared to court. so what did i do, i took one out on the universe. im ashamed but..i see no other solution again. now im 20 in college and everything is repeating itself. i fear that if i dnt settle, i will probably die alone.

if u read this and think im an ******* i understand, but u need to know im not. i just need someone. even if its just this little text box, its better than nothing right?. imean no one gives **** if im here tomorrow or not. the girl right now would probably "say dam that crazy if i wasnt here in the morning" but i know it wouldnt go past a day or 2. then everyone goes back to their life. i speak of everyone but i really mean the female population.

to women, i matter to no one. and maybe im dumb or a ***** or and idiot or wrong for putting so much weight on them. but that is ALL i have ever asked for. i want no grand riches, all ive ever wanted is a woman i can talk to and someone who chooses to love me. but i just doubt that will ever happen
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Jan 16, 2013