I Need Help

I separated from my husband 9 months ago and every month I feel worse.. I have slept with so many guys in the past 9 months and every time I do this it makes me feel 100 times worse, I did it again last night.. I woke up this morning and have not been able to stop crying.
I need help I don't know what to do.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Hi, hello there.

I can understand ur situation, i have also gone through same kind of stress but somewht different. I fell in love with my gf we were so close we made love so many times, but now because of misunderstanding she left me, it hurts a lot, i love her more than anything. i tried approaching some other girls to come out of her thoughts but it made it more worse. As i have been through it, as per ur saying u slept with so many, dont do it again. just try to make a person friendly to you, understand each other, care respect and you can then make love so that it makes sense.

I am also in the same situation, i dont know anyone who can take care of me. iam btw 22 to 25 but guys are making fun of me, i cant resist them. they are not ready to listen or to care about me. but they want me as a subject to talk and criticize.

If u wish we can chat or talk for a while. to get you relaxed. i knw how it feels when no one is there to care for us or to listen us. i dont want u also to feel worse like me.

you can feel free to contact me.

wish you a wonderful and a new beginning dear. Have a great day