Young & Confused

im 16 yr old girl... & i've recently lost my verginity.. i dont know how i feel about that.. i wasbt raped or anything.. i was dating my boyfriend for 6 months whichi know isnt much... idk what happend i just let it... i told myself i would wait till i moved out.. i dont feel comfortable being around my parents.. i feel awkward.. my parents are really old fashioned & i feel likei let them down.. im not happy..thy dont know anything is just me.. i dont feel the same towardsmy boyfriend anymore... i dont feel he does either...
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Just relax young lady and take some time for yourself.If this is the worst thing you have done to your parents then kudos to you.You are 16 and people make mistakes at 16. Eissic is spot on though...don't get talked into or talk yourself into having sex again until you have sorted out your feelings for him and sex with him in particular. Telling your parents is your choice but I would not lose sleep over it.You are young and have a whole life in front of you.Please move on and focus on something else for a while...your studies, college apps, friends, get a pet, get a part-time job. Your life is NOT about one sexual escapade.