I Am Alone, Need Someone To Listen/care For Me....

Hello all,

i need someone to talk with me, share and care for me. I am from Chennai, TN. My love was started when I am 16, everyone who knows us, tells us that we are made for each other. For me we both are the best couples in the world, now iam 23, for the first 4years we have fell in love with each other and I have not touched her with any other intention. Later on when after my teen we started to get attracted to each other in sexual ways also. We made love so many times. We were the happiest lovers in the world.
Her parents started to talk about her marriage and we talked to them, but her father was not into love marriage, he doesn’t want us to get married, and my gf she loves me a lot, but for her, parents are her first priority. Its like everything gone in a few days.
I know how much she love me, she is mad at me, but now she got married with someone else because her father threatened her.
I don’t know what to do. I am blank, its like iam alone in the world with no one to care or listen to me, my worries.
It’s a very busy world, and now everyone is running for their life.
My love gave me everything, strength, power, courage and whatever I want in my life, now I cant survive without her, I want to show her how much I love her, I wanna make love to her, I cant resist the pain. It hurts a lot.
I am searching for a women/girl I don’t know how to call, may me female separated/widowed who are burning in pain like me, who suffer like me and want to share their feelings.
I want someone to hold my hand and tell me that “I knw how painful it is, am here only for you”.
I want a warm hug taking out my sorrows, someone who is really struggling alone and looking for company, only they can understand and feel my pain.
Please if anyone out there really looking for a person, like iam looking for someone who can help me out coming out of my past. Can leave their replies or can contact me….
Hope there will be someone in the world who can understand me and my problem….
Waiting and struggling alone for the one iam looking for…..

00mmaster 00mmaster
22-25, M
Jan 22, 2013