Emotions Come Flooding Back

so my husband has been missing since Tuesday. Our partying staying with friends, ignoring phone calls and text, I have not heard a work from Tuesday night at 11:00 to right now Saturday 9 am
He just sent the text are you awake. I responded with so i guess your alive.
he said barely. in is true form of trying to get me to feel sorry for him.

anyway, my guess is he is going to finally come home so we can settle this and be over. I plan to divorce him. I am creating my exit plan already. just 1 month till i move.
it's really strange how as the days passed i got calmer and calmer about the situation. my stomach no longer in knots and got the best night sleep in almost 2 weeks a whole 8 hours with out waking up, amazing.
As soon as i got his text not my stomach hurts, my hands are shaking and my heart is racing. Those bad feelings i was working so hard to get rid of just came flooding back.
Now i am sitting here wondering is he coming home, will in be in 30 min, 2 hours who knows. it keeps me on edge.
i need to keep my strength and and stay calm.
whitebelle whitebelle
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6 Responses Jan 26, 2013

Hopefully he opens his eyes an see what's his losing.. Your doing the right thing. When it times to move on from his bs.. Do you now!!

My husband was using drugs when he went missing... cant tell you how many times I waited, crying, then I would gather the kids and look for him... this went on for about 3 months.. tried to get help but they never had any beds finally one day he really got crazy and I got a restraining order and filed for divorce... I didnt go through with it he did get clean... now... just 2 days ago he killed himself.. life is too short to waste it on people that do not
want to be with us...

he is very irrespectable. I could feel your pain. I am having similar experience too.

and don't give into guilt. your not screwing up

funny how he ask me if i am awake then noting else. It's 10:30 now, what did it matter if i was awake. If i wasn't then i was sure to be by now. All it did was get me all worked up for nothing. I am just going to continue assuming he's not coming

i wouldn't be sure he's even aware what time it is.

that's definitly not fair, sorry to hear it.