I'm going through a hard time right now and I just wish I had someone to talk to and help me through things. My boyfriend of 4 years is in prison and I just get really lonely and wish I had someone to talk to me and help me feel better about things. If you can help me out just message me!! Thanks :)
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Not sure if u got that last mess.... but if u need a shoulder.... I live in SC and my man is incarcerated in Oregon. Just ask.

hi what are you doing while he is in there? school, work?

well we have a 3 year old son together so I spend most of my time with him. I work a part time job, about 25 hours a week at an elementary school and I am actually going back to school this summer.

Ok, so you keep sort of busy, that's good, what are you going to take at school? and do you get out enough with or without your son during the week?

I haven't decided what Im going back to school for yet, it's either between criminal justice and early childhood. And the only time I get away from my son is when Im at work.

well it must be hard, what is on your mind to talk about tonight?

well lately I've just been having a lot of anxiety. I can't do anything without thinking about my boyfriend and bursting out in tears. I cry so hard that my son tells me to calm down. I don't know why I'm like this. I went and saw him yesterday in prison and I go visit him once a week and i usually do cry when i leave but i usually get calmed down before I even get home. But this time i cried for 5 hours straight and I couldn't get calmed down.

sorry i didn't see the reply thingy...what exactly are you anxious about? what is going on with your boyfriend?

Nothing is going on I just miss him more than I ever have before.

when's he coming out?

He's serving 7 years and has only been locked up for not even a year

jeez that's rough....i'm not sure what i'd do in that situation

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