My Life Right Now

Goodbye life... **** trying anymore. When I try it makes everything worse. Why can't I just die. Why do I keep trying. I want to just give up. Why can't I just give up. I hate myself more then anyone else does. I just can't go on like this. Nobody cares about me anyways. Why do I stay. I'm sorry if you read this. You can judge me but trust me it won't hurt me. I'm everything anyone calls me. Guys don't like me because I'm ugly. Girls don't like me because I'm ugly. Nobody likes me because I'm ugly. Heck I don't like myself. The song that best describes me is youth and whiskey. I don't have any friends I never had a boyfriend and never will. If nobody likes me then why stay. Life is just a hellhole right now. FISH doesn't apply to me. And nothing ever will. Life just stabs me in the but and I just want to kill myself right now. Why can't I? One thing I can't answer myself. The best answer would be that I can't give up. I can't let people get to me but really they do and it just makes me want to kill myself even more. My dad doesn't care about me obviously. If my dad always talks **** about me then let me die. Why not? Just let me go. Forget about me and forget everything. Just let me go. Just let me die. **** just let me go right now.
Lifesucks12345 Lifesucks12345
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2013

Please don't hate life. I don't even know you and I care about you. You are not ugly, who ever says that does not know what they are talking about. To tell you the truth, what people say holds no merit at all. Get really good at something, like art, music, computers, etc. When you do, give em hell because there you will find an abundant amount of friends who will take care of you no matter what. I'm here for you, you can message me anytime.